Do Something

I have never liked do-gooders. Do-gooder to me was defined as a busybody, a ‘holier-than-thou’ person who dispensed a liberal helping of judgment along with whatever ‘charity’ they were giving. I don’t know if my definition was the prevailing one, or some warped after-effect of my upbringing.

But, either I need to review my prejudices and admit I’ve been wrong, or I need to help change the definition. Maybe both. Because I, along with everyone else in the world, need to become do-gooders. It doesn’t matter if we can’t afford our car payment, there is someone who can’t buy shoes. We lost our house, someone else has lost their house and their marriage.

I can feel crappy because I have no job, and have to scrape by, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Or I can take what little I have and give part of it to someone who needs it more.

I’m not saying anything new or profound here. I’ve just figured out something I can do to help.

I make things, I write stories. I am going to begin taking a percentage of my sales and give them to someone in need. Call it non-denominational tithing. Maybe they’ll be able to do the same someday, maybe not. But I’ll feel better. I’ll know I tried.

Because you buy the things I sell either here, or Smashwords or at the Farmer’s Market, you should have a say in where the money goes.

So, for everything I sell in April 2011, I will be giving 10% of the gross sales to one of the following charities. I have a poll here on my blog for you all to choose which you would prefer to see the money go to. And I will repost a choice in April for sales in May. And, please click on the links below to go directly to the charities themselves.

Grameen Foundation

Supports microfinance, commonly known as banking for the poor. Microfinance provides small loans, savings, and other financial services so poor people can launch businesses. GF’s work has helped families across Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

Injured Marine Semper-Fi Fund

The Semper-Fi Fund provides financial aid and quality of life solutions to: marines and sailors as well as members of the Army, Air Force and Coast Guard who have served in support of Marine forces, when they become injured in post 9-11 combat or training.

Maine Sea Coast Mission

The Maine Sea Coast Mission, founded in 1905, provides assistance in coastal and island communities from mid-coast to Downeast Maine. Programs and services include: emergency financial assistance, addressing immediate needs such as heat, electricity, and other emergency circumstances; food pantries; Sunbeam Island Health Services; and a thrift shop.


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