Web Presence

The act of writing today may be as solitary a pursuit as when Jane Austen curled up with a pen and paper in her father’s library.


There is another component to be reckoned with. Public, merciless, painful as it may be to the hermit-like writer, that component is a web presence.

Blogs, such as this one, help the reader find the writer, and get a feel for the writer’s voice. Blogs also help the writer define themselves to themselves – akin to a journal in some ways, more like a hair shirt in others *sigh*.

A website is equally, if not more important. A place where the reader can go to see and order books, it’s as much the writer’s shop as the blog is the writer’s home. My new website is www.leandracollins.com and, while it’s newborn, I think it has its mothers eyes.

Still to come, Facebook and Twitter. And, while all of these things are awkward and scary, it is worth it to be able to write!


2 responses to “Web Presence

  1. I love Twitter more than chocolate.

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