Close Call

Well, I had the closest call I would like to have regarding a house fire. I actually had a house fire in 1978, electrical, in the walls. It was frightening, but because it happened in the walls and there weren’t flames, it was almost a virtual fire.

At least not as real as what happened yesterday.

I was writing in my new office, and my husband brought up the space heater to help heat the small room. He lit it and went back downstairs. I was typing away, working on Chapter Seven of the new book when I noticed dust motes in the air. I didn’t think too much about it until they got heavier. I turned around in my chair to see huge flames leaping out of the top of the space heater.

I jumped up and stepped on the shut-off switch, nothing happened.

I ran to the top of the stair, where we have a fire extinguisher and called down to my husband. As I yelled for him, I turned back to the office door. Huge billows of black smoke was pouring out of the top of the heater, like a chimney from hell. In the next few seconds, he ran upstairs and we got it out. Then I was scared. The house was full of smoke, there was soot all over the walls in the rooms that were open. I had to wash curtains and bedding and wipe down everything.

And, while cleaning up, I realized what could have happened. I could have been in the bathroom, or gone downstairs for a cup of tea just at the wrong time. Scary!!


2 responses to “Close Call

  1. Thank goodness you were nearby! We had a chimney fire once, from the woodstove but a passing neighbor saw flames and knocked on the door. We were just about to have supper, we had no idea. There was no smoke inside. Scary!

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