Organizing your writing effort – Part Two

I wrote yesterday about a global organization setup, a format to keep track of the writing work as a whole.

Today, I want to show you the setup for the daily writing sessions.

I keep track of just five things,

  1. The date (pretty obvious)
  2. The daily word count – I keep track of the exact number of words, some people just do the 250 words per page rough count
  3. The average word count – I like to see this because the days can fluctuate a lot. The sample shows the formula for average word count.
  4. the monthly average word count – Each month is averaged separately.
  5. Notes – As much as the numbers can tell you, the notes remind you of why that day was great or so-so. And, if the day ever came that you needed to prove your work was your own, these notes would add weight to your assertion.

Here is the sample spreadsheet.

Sample Spreadsheet 2

You can see the formulas I’ve used, to average the daily word out in the way that works for me. I try to work every day, but that’s not for everyone. I wouldn’t record the days you have not scheduled yourself to work. If I take a day off in advance (see the comments on B:8 and B:28) I take them out of the formula so I don’t penalize myself. BUT if I have a rotten day (See January 11th and 31st on the spreadsheet) I record what I got done and why it was so bad. For me, it’s important to be accountable.

Another odd thing I do, is if I am primarily doing editing, it goes much faster. On heavy edit days, I might get through 9000 words. I decided to divide that by 3 – and give myself a “word count” of 3000. On light edits, skimming at a high level, I divided by 10.

You can make whatever rules you want, just make your rules and STICK TO THEM!

Next time, I’ll talk about tips to focus….


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