I baked bread today. I bake it for practical reasons, home-baked bread is about a quarter of the cost of store-bought.But I also bake it because it is a tangible way to say “I love you” and it is an art to make it better and better each time. Creating, crafting, feels good.

I usually bake bread every other day, or every third day. With my husband being gone to Arizona for a while, I haven’t needed to bake in over a week. So, the warm bread out of the oven was especially tasty today.

Something that surprised me is how ingrained the recipe has become. I can measure out the milk, butter, honey & other ingredients almost as if I’m on autopilot. And as I’m mixing in the flour, I can easily see how much I’m going to need, based on the humidity of today. I don’t even have the recipe written down any longer.

It’s like writing.

warm from the oven

If you write every day, eventually it becomes less like a event and more like a practiced exercise. And you can begin to stop worrying about the ingredients, and start thinking about what the particular piece needs.  And like bread, it can be art, creation, and practicality rolled into one!


2 responses to “Bread

  1. I love baking, I love writing, and I love this post! 🙂 I think there’s something really cathartic about both acts, and you’re right, it does get better with practice and experience.

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