Begin as you mean to go on…

Years and years ago, my grandmother had sayings. Some were silly, some were profound, but they all echo around in my head. “Begin as you mean to go on” was one of them. To me, it embodies the philosophy of figuring out what you want to do, do it right from the first, and keep going on with it.

In other words:

  1. Think before acting
  2. Act without fear
  3. Don’t quit

Now I’m a grandmother, not as adept as I would like, but a grandmother nonetheless. And as I have gotten older, I have gone from acting without thinking… to overthinking every action… to here. I try to have something worthwhile to say before opening my mouth, and to say what I do with kindness. Step One.

I spent (and probably wasted) a lot of my life wondering how I would be received. Can I say what I really think in this situation? Should I just be quiet? Who wants to hear what I have to say, anyway? I misjudged the game. We are here to participate in Life. We can do it a thousand different ways, as extroverts or hermits, but we are here, playing. What is there to be afraid of? Step Two.

Step Three is the toughest. We live in a throwaway society, from our paper plates to our lovers to our own goals. I’m as guilty and clueless as anyone. But I mean to go on.


One response to “Begin as you mean to go on…

  1. I needed this reminder.

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